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Time Loss


time loss for full-time participants

Full-time participants who are enrolled in a medical program or the ancillary program are enrolled in time loss benefits.

You become eligible for a weekly time loss benefit if you become disabled because of a non-occupational injury or sickness, you are not performing work of any kind and:

1. You are under the direct care of a physician
2. The injury or sickness results in disability; and
3. The disability started while you were eligible for the Plan's time loss benefit.

To receive your time loss benefits, you must submit a completed time loss form to the Plan Office within 90 days from the date of disability.

If it is not reasonably possible to meet this deadline, please contact the Plan Office. Late claims will not be accepted if they are filed more than six months following the date you first became disabled.

The maximum weekly benefit you can receive is based on your full-time status date reported to the Plan Office by your employer and the number of years you have been eligible. The charts below indicate the benefits available. Please contact the Plan Office if you have any questions regarding your benefits.