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The Little Clinic

you can complete your screening at THE LITTLE CLINIC.


What do i do?

  • View a map of available The Little Clinic locations in Louisville and Lexington.
  • No appointment is necessary, but you may schedule an appointment in advance or hold your place in line. Click here for more information.
  • Reminder: you must fast for 9 hours prior to your screening
  • Take your signed personalized voucher to your appointment.
    • Free health screenings using a personalized voucher are available for all full-time associates and part-time associates who had 37+ months in the Plan as of 1/1/16. Please contact the Plan Office to confirm your eligibility for a free screening.
    • Your personalized voucher was distributed by management at your store. If you have lost your voucher, click here.
  • Download and print a Medical Care Provider Health Screening Authorization Release Form and take it to your appointment.
  • Complete Part One of the form and sign on the Participant Signature line.
  • The Little Clinic must complete Part Two and sign on the Medical Care Provider Signature line.
  • You are responsible for returning your form to The Plan Office. The Little Clinic will not return the form for you. Keep a copy of the form for your records and return a copy of the completed and signed form to The Plan Office -
    • By Fax: 502-423-8567
    • By Mail: 10503 Timberwood Circle, Suite 200, Louisville, KY 40223

You also have the option of completing your health screening at your Doctor's Office or Kroger Pharmacy.

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