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The Little Clinic

you can complete your screening at THE LITTLE CLINIC.


What do i do?

  • View a map of available The Little Clinic locations in Louisville and Lexington.

  • No appointment is necessary, but you may schedule an appointment in advance or hold your place in line. Click here for more information.

  • Reminder: you must fast for 9 hours prior to your screening

  • Take your signed personalized voucher to your appointment.

    • Free health screenings using a personalized voucher are available for all Kroger associates who are eligible for benefits, regardless of if they are currently enrolled in the Plan or not. Please contact the Plan Office to confirm your eligibility for a free screening.

    • Your personalized voucher was distributed by management at your store. If you have lost your voucher, click here.

  • NEW FOR 2019: The Little Clinic will send a copy of your information to the Plan Office at the end of the Health Screening event. You will not need to send your results to the Plan Office. However, you should keep a copy for your records.

You also have the option of completing your health screening at your Doctor's Office or Kroger Pharmacy.

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